my tiny apartment

People have asked me if my tiny apartment bothers me, and I have to say that my answer is no. There are certain features that annoy me at times, but on the whole, since I am much happier here in Paris, that extends to my experience of this tiny space.

My apartment is about 20 meters squared, or 215 square feet.
It’s a studio, so everything is in the same room, bed, desk, and kitchen; it’s all one space.
I have one tiny closet, that luckily seems to fit all my clothes, because I only brought two suitcases with me to Paris.
I quite like the mini-fridge, I never filled up a regular American sized fridge as a single person anyways.
I live on an upper floor, but I have an elevator!
The building has a gardienne that is very nice.
I live in the 15th arrondissement, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower; though I cannot see it from my apartment, it does appear between buildings when I am walking around the neighborhood.
So yeah, overall my tiny apartment is great.

my view

My only complaints are as follows:
– The shower is literally just the size of me, and is a bit claustrophobic; it does however have a window.
– Holy crap the heat wave this past summer (la canicule); but that’s more of a weather complaint than an actual apartment complaint, so maybe that would extend to the lack of air conditioning.
– Little storage space. At least there is a cave downstairs (it’s a basement where there are designated spaces per apartment to store stuff).
– The light that comes in and blinds me at my desk for most of the day, so that I have to lower the outside blinds and it’s like I live in a cave while I’m working on stuff.
– Hand-washing all dishes.

Luckily, cleaning a small space is a whole lot easier than a bigger one.
Also, it helps curb my urge to buy things (I’m on a tight budget as a student), because I literally have no where to store anything.

And, I would rather pay what I am paying for such a small space, than to have to pay a whole lot more for a ton more space that I don’t really need.

my tiny apartment

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