seen in paris (january 2015)

I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I come across while walking around Paris, and traveling on the metro/public transport. My plan is to make this a monthly installment. So here goes for January.

On the street:

  1. A guy in full winter gear, carrying a tennis racket, and no gym bag. Walking next to me, in the direction of a tennis shop nearby, that I pass on my way to school, but ultimately diverging from that path and heading the other direction down boulevard Raspail.
  2. A woman biking around Paris in killer pointed stiletto lace up booties (they looked super tough to walk in on the Paris sidewalks, and I’m inclined to think she is superwoman because of her ability to not only walk in them, but also ride a bike with them on!).
  3. An older lady dressed more hip than me, in leather leggings, moto boots, and a cropped fur jacket. Also sporting a large fur hat that reminded me of something out of a Russian tale.

On the metro:

  1. A grown up looking, French version of Harry Potter, with similar glasses, and haircut, and expected demeanor.
  2. An actual French guy wearing an actual beret, but not wearing clothing that I would associate with the image of a classically dressed older guy wearing a beret (he was wearing jeans and a leather bomber jacket).
  3. From the bus I see lots of selfie-taking tourists, which is only really entertaining if the bus ends up at a stop light near a bridge in the center of Paris, and I can see the person making their selfie face and re-taking the picture 10 times.
seen in paris (january 2015)