paris instagrammers to follow

I wanted to share with you all some of the Instagram accounts I follow that have amazing pictures of Paris. This post focuses more on bloggers and professional accounts. (I was inspired by this post on Chocolate & Zucchini.) More posts on this topic to come because there are so many awesome accounts to follow and they don’t all fit into one post.


The Instagram account for the Paris tourist office. Features all kinds of great photos of Paris from various photographers. You can see photos of monuments (of course) and the streets of Paris, but also of events and places you might not know.



Le Centre des monuments nationaux (CMN) aka the Center for National Monuments has an Instagram account, and it’s filled with pictures of the national monuments of France. My one gripe is that I wish the photos were higher quality.



The city of Paris has an Instagram account, and it mostly consists of daily life in Paris and events that are happening around the city. They also throw in some historical photos every now and then.



A really excellent blogger who posts interesting stuff about Paris. She posts pictures on Instagram about her life, and places she recommends, along with interesting (usually retro) stuff she finds along the way. She has a distinct sensibility which she sometimes describes as being a bit like the Wes Anderson aesthetic.

The Kids are Alright 🚸🤖💋🕶🤘#Paris #GirlGang

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David Lebovitz is a well known American chef and baker that lives in Paris and writes cookbooks as well as runs a great blog with awesome recipes and restaurant recommendations. His Instagram account contains lots of pictures of food, cooking, and restaurants, basically pictures from Paris outdoor markets and dining out. and random aspects of his daily life in Paris.

Roasted carrots and peas @zahavrestaurant

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Are there non-vegetarian peppers?

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Wild mushrooms at market in Vevey #switzerland

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Whew – saved!

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Desserts! Patisseries and nice shoes. This guy tries all kinds of desserts around Paris and takes photos of himself holding them in a way that we can also see his (great and often matching) shoes. He also features cities that he visits. Indulge your sweet tooth from afar.

Eclair de Genie's Barlette with raspberries and orange flower for breakfast

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There she is! Lily valley by @patisserie_carlmarletti purple never tasted better!

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paris instagrammers to follow

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