Love at L’Eclair de Génie

I know it’s past Valentine’s Day, but I wasn’t able to post it before and I have these beautiful pictures that I don’t want to go to waste. So.

L’Eclair de Génie! I was in the Marais last week. And I dropped by L’Eclair de Génie on rue Pavée. And I saw this beautiful Valentine’s Day creation with LOVE spelled out on the top in sparkly joyful letters and I couldn’t resist. Plus, the flavor was crème caramel, which I adore, so it was a no-brainer really.

I did not used to like choux pastry. And definitely not cream filled choux pastry. I tried Italian profiteroles initially while living in Rome, Italy as a child, and then probably every few years since then, and they always tasted boring and like noooot my thing. But. Last year, I had heard people raving about the eclairs from L’Eclair de Génie, and I thought, okay, these are super pretty, people say they are good, I should try them and if I don’t like these then I just don’t like choux. Well. Let me tell you my friend. A) My tastebuds have changed. And B) I think I had been having sub par dried out profiteroles my entire life. Because these are really good. And the flavors are fantastic.

Caveat, I have been here like 4 times and half of those times it was excellent and the other half it was fine. Someone told me that choux has to be super fresh to be good. And the times it wasn’t as good were when it was late in the day and the stock was almost depleted, and I think they’d been sitting around for quite a while. Still worth eating, just not at the top of their game, shall we say. But I still enjoyed them. And from a former choux hater, that’s pretty good.

So they’re good. That said, they are kind of expensive, between 5€ and 7€. I mean, we are in Paris, and they are the price of about any piece of cake or dessert you get at a café. Except there is no place to eat them sitting down.

If you can go with a couple friends and get a bunch of different types, cut them up w a knife, and share them all, do that. That is super fun. Then you get to try lots of flavors.

Final verdict? Definitely worth trying. Especially the unexpected and unique flavor combinations. The yuzu one I tried a while back has really stuck with me. Plus, it’s just really fun to go in to the store and stare at all the beautiful eclairs (and take photos).

A review of this particular eclair? Okay. The choux pastry was great, eggy and not too dry. The LOVE was made of chocolate which was of a nice quality. I felt the chocolate letters were a bit thick and overpowered the taste of the cream at certain points. The crème caramel cream was delicious, and had that hint of salt that made it perfect. Plus, it was sparkly, which made me enjoy it that much more. Overall, a lovely (week early) Valentine’s Day treat for myself.

Love at L’Eclair de Génie

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