Review: Coffee Club

Coffee Club // 87 Rue d’Assas, 75006 // Métro: Luxembourg (RER), Vavin, Notre Dame des Champs (let’s be real, they are all equally far away). // 3 out of 5 stars // €€

While going out to lunch with a friend of mine she suggested Coffee Club, in the 6th. I had never heard of it. She was craving that kind of American food with a healthy twist. Green juice with a side of avocado toast, if you will.

Location: It’s located in that kind of no-man’s land around Jardin de Luxembourg. Okay, well I call it a no-man’s land, because it’s mainly residential, and there is no métro close-by. Which makes for some lovely walks, but it’s not the most convenient area of Paris ever. Coffee Club is located on a quiet street directly south of the Jardin de Luxembourg. To get there I did a métro+bus combo trip, which luckily dropped me off almost directly in front. My point being, be prepared to walk (aka leave yourself time to get there if you’re meeting someone), but it’s one of those lovely Parisian walks that you won’t mind one bit.


Ambiance: Very much that French/American ambiance. Comfortable and yet chic at the same time. Charming decor, very cute. Striving for a bit of the Parisian version of Brooklyn. The location means that the crowd skews young bobo/hipster-y, and very French, but with some English speakers sprinkled in (American expats just can’t resist the kale). It was super crowded for lunch, with people waiting at the entrance. I think that the fact that this is a good place in an area with not a ton of restaurants (and a price-y area at that) was a factor.


We were seated at the long communal table in the center which somehow managed to seem like a few sets of close 2 top tables, only a little closer than usual for Paris. There were some people on laptops at the bar. On the louder side when it was packed but no blasting music to compete with (as there would be if we were in a restaurant stateside), and when it drew down to about 2/3 full (after the lunch rush) it was much quieter.

Food: The menu states that everything is 99.9% homemade. There is kale, and quinoa, and green juices, and touches of tex mex on the menu.

I had the Crispy Mexican Chickenburger, served with guacamole and handmade french fries, and it was very good. The bun was brioche, and yummy, though it didn’t stand up through the whole eating experience and I ended up having to resort to knife and fork, French style, by the end. The chicken was nice and super crispy, and my one critique of the meal was that the crispy coating really needed some kind of seasoning and spice. I would have preferred it to be spicy, but we are in France after all. The guac was fine, nothing to write home about by itself (on the bland side), but it went very well with the sandwich. The creamy dressing on the bun was excellent. And the homemade fries were good. Overall, it was great. Would order it again. (Dish pictured above right, photo from the Coffee Club website).

I also ordered the “Detox” juice and, although detox is a complete myth, it was super good. Kale and banana and some other things. A delicious green juice all in all. My friend also got a green juice, but with a watercress base, she said it was good, I forgot to ask her for a taste. It was a prettier shade of green than mine, I was a tad jealous. But mine had kale. So… it all works out in the end.

My companion got ceviche and quinoa. I am both not a fish person and not a quinoa person, so I can’t really comment on that except to say that this, my first bite of ceviche, was too fishy for my taste, but the seasoning was good.

The diners to my left at the communal table seemed to really enjoy their avocado toast. And whatever they ordered as a main dish looked delicious. There were kale chips atop many dishes, which made me quite envious, as my sandwich was sans kale chips (hence the liquid kale).

For dessert I couldn’t pass up a homemade cinnamon roll but I wish I had ignored that impulse. The cinnamon role tasted very one dimensional, just boring really. My dining companion said that she felt it lacked salt, I think that was probably the main problem. In the end, while not horrible by any means, it just wasn’t something worth eating. I didn’t try any of the other desserts, so I can’t speak to their quality.

I forgot to take pictures of the food myself, sorry all!


Rapport Qualité/Prix: My personal total of main dish, green juice, and cinnamon bun came out to 25€. Decent prices for what it is. I would say ruling is Correct for the area and type of food (some slightly out of the ordinary ingredients, for Paris).

Service: Good. Attentive to the degree required. They spent time answering our questions when we had them, and didn’t seem rushed or harried, which I appreciated.  Most servers seem to speak English as well, as far as I could tell from eavesdropping, plus the fact that they didn’t blink and had no trouble understanding me when I pronounced dish names with an American accent.


Note: I know the picture quality is not great. I can’t take my brick of a Canon everywhere I go. So you will have to make due with my ancient iPhone pics. #sorrynotsorry


Review: Coffee Club

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