paris instagrammers to follow

I wanted to share with you all some of the Instagram accounts I follow that have amazing pictures of Paris. This post focuses more on bloggers and professional accounts. (I was inspired by this post on Chocolate & Zucchini.) More posts on this topic to come because there are so many awesome accounts to follow and they don’t all fit into one post.


The Instagram account for the Paris tourist office. Features all kinds of great photos of Paris from various photographers. You can see photos of monuments (of course) and the streets of Paris, but also of events and places you might not know.


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paris instagrammers to follow

my tiny apartment

People have asked me if my tiny apartment bothers me, and I have to say that my answer is no. There are certain features that annoy me at times, but on the whole, since I am much happier here in Paris, that extends to my experience of this tiny space.

My apartment is about 20 meters squared, or 215 square feet.
It’s a studio, so everything is in the same room, bed, desk, and kitchen; it’s all one space.
I have one tiny closet, that luckily seems to fit all my clothes, because I only brought two suitcases with me to Paris.
I quite like the mini-fridge, I never filled up a regular American sized fridge as a single person anyways.
I live on an upper floor, but I have an elevator!
The building has a gardienne that is very nice.
I live in the 15th arrondissement, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower; though I cannot see it from my apartment, it does appear between buildings when I am walking around the neighborhood.
So yeah, overall my tiny apartment is great.

my view

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my tiny apartment